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We make Driving Electric easy and affordable.

Our Purpose

Drive the adoption of electric cars and benefit our customers’ lives and Planet Earth at the same time.

Why Drive Electric?

Save Money
Benefit the Environment
Help Drive our Mission

Why KiloCar?

Peace of Mind
Affordable New Car
No Range Anxiety

How it Works

Drive Free!

As you experience first-hand the benefits of Driving Electric with KiloCar, it’s only natural to share with others.
Refer 4 customers and you Drive Free

KiloCar is Perfect for

  • Savvy Consumers
  • Environmentally-minded Consumers
  • Commuters
  • Uber/Lyft Drivers
  • Students and Young Professionals
  • Families on a Budget
  • Military Assignments
  • Temporary Job Situations
  • Traveling Professors & Physicians
  • Company Fleet & Delivery Vehicles
The Electric Car you’ll Love!